Apex Legends gets a new map

Apex Legends is preparing to launch its Season 11 on November 2, and Electronic Arts has already given details of the changes, additions and title improvements planned.

Apex Legends

On YouTube, the publisher quickly presented the new map which will be proposed in the title: Zone d’Orage. Rodney Reece, main designer of the title took the floor to give us a little guided tour of the map which wants to be the largest map of the title, it wants to be 15 more muddy than Edges of the World.

Zone d'orage

Storm Zone looks like an island paradise in appearance, but full of dangers, especially with particularly ferocious animals. Still, the squads will have an interest in attacking the local fauna to recover precious loot: accessories, EVO points and ammunition.

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The season 11 will be an opportunity to see the arrival of a new legend called Ash. It will be an ancient human whose brain has been placed in a mock frame. She has an Arc Trap tactical ability that operates like a claymore mine, her passive Condemnation ability allows her to display recent frag crates and mark enemies, and her final Phasic Break ability opens a portal to a area of ​​their choice.

Apex Legends is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch as well as next-generation consoles.

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