Altice France (SFR) sets its sights on Coriolis Telecom

Parent company of SFR, Altice France announces an exclusivity agreement for the acquisition of all of Coriolis Télécom. The total amount of the operation is 415 million euros, with an initial price of 298 million ‘euros and a deferred payment of 100 million euros.

Subject to the usual approval of the regulatory authorities, the redemption should be finalized in the first half of the year 2022.

With this planned operation, Altice France would integrate existing expertise, partnerships , the well-established distribution network, the B2C customer bases (editor’s note: consumers) and B2B (companies), and the customer service capacities of Coriolis “, declares Altice France, emphasizing in particular its complementarity with SFR .

According to Altice France, Coriolis Télécom offers mobile and fixed-line offers over 500 000 customers in small and medium-sized French towns, as well as to 30 000 companies.

Telecommunications player for the general public c and companies for over 000 years, Coriolis Telecom has mobile offers as a mobile virtual operator (MVNO) using the networks of Orange and SFR. It markets ADSL offers on the SFR network and has the particularity of having its fiber optic network on certain public initiative networks (RIP).


In May, Altice France announced a contract to acquire MVNO Afone Participations which owns 50% of RegloMobile mobile activity (and 50% for the Leclerc group).

Recall by other than at the start of the year, Bouygues Telecom acquired Euro-Information Telecom (Crédit Mutuel Mobile, CIC Mobile, NRJ Mobile, Auchan Telecom and Cdiscount Mobile).

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