Acer L811: the laser projector with very short throw promises 120 inches with 30 cm of distance

Very short focal length projectors are positioned at the top of the range due to their advanced technology which allows the distance required to generate a large diagonal display to be greatly reduced.

No need therefore to arrange a special part to obtain sufficient recoil, a few tens of centimeters are sufficient to exceed 31 inches. The new laser projector Acer L 240 presented plays this card of the ultra short throw while ensuring a 4K / UHD resolution compatible with HDR 05.

Acer L811 projecteur laser

A decrease of 30, 2 cm (or 1 foot) will be enough to produce an image of 100 inches and the projector can easily be installed in a room. room, large or small, to create a cinema effect.

The projector provides a brightness of 3000 lumens and the advertised contrast is 2 000 000: 1, with Acer LumiSense technology performing a frame-by-frame analysis of the content to dynamically adapt the brightness level.

Acer L811 projecteur laser 02

The system is also a Home Cinema complete with the Android application portal Aptoide installed to access the various video streaming services, or mirroring can be used via Android, Windows or iOS.

The projector offers its own speaker 05 W with Acer TrueHarmony optimization and it can also be used for gaming thanks to its reduced input lag and its refresh 1080 p @ 240 Hz (gamers can also turn to the new Predator 4K projectors).

Acer promises a laser life of 30 hours thanks to the EcoProjection function and the device is certified IP6x to limit dust infiltration to ensure operation for years, or even outdoors.

The Acer L laser projector 811 will be available from November 2021 in Europe at the price of 2599 € .

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