200 megapixel photo sensor: Motorola first to use it in a smartphone?

With the announcement of the Isocell HP1 sensor, Samsung raised the stakes by offering the first mobile photo sensor from 200 megapixels. The latter uses very compact pixels of 0, 64 µm and can gather them in grids of 2 x 2 or 4 x 4 to improve the quality of light capture without losing too much detail.

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi was the first to offer its previous sensor of 108 megapixels, one could think that he would have the first of this innovation but the leaker Ice Universe advances a other name.

Samsung Isocell HP1

This is Motorola (Lenovo group) which would ultimately be the first to offer a smartphone with a 128 megapixel sensor during the first semester 2022. This will require the use of a premium SoC capable of handling such a flow of data.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 128 Go

Xiaomi will remain in the megapixel race but its smartphone with 128 megapixel module would arrive rather in the second half of the year, notes the leaker.

Samsung should also use it but we already know that the Galaxy S series 22 will not be entitled to it. Maybe for a Galaxy Z Fold 4?

After a break in 500 which made it possible to multiply smartphones with sensor 108 megapixels, next year should therefore continue to increase the number of megapixels.

Already, MediaTek has announced that its SoC Dimensity 9000 will be able to manage a photo module up to 200 megapixels, and Qualcomm should not be outdone for its future Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

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