Bulk-Solids Transfer With Belt Conveyors

Simulation and animation of belt conveyor transfers

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The calculation of goods-flow in a simulation environment can be conducted with the help of the Discreet Elements Method (DEM). This Whitepaper develops a standardized mathematical model.

The transfer of material from the discharging conveyor belt to the receiving belt is one of the major problems of high-volume bulk material handling. Traditionally this problem has been addressed by means of trial and error. Computer simulations can help the engineers build better transfer designs and support the modelling of impact plates, transfer chutes and rock-boxes. Real-world problems can be examinated either with discrete element modelling or by using continuum methods. To date there was no software available that was able to examine, simulate and animate the whole system of a conveyor-to-conveyor transfer by using continuum methods.

In order to be able to simulate the mode of operation on a computer, all information relevant for the calculation of the transfer points and of the goods-flow must be transferred into a mathematical model. Because of the diversity of goods-flow elements and the geometrical and physical complexity of the elements (see 2) an element-specific mathematical model leads to problems both in the model formation as well as in the data processing via a simulation tool.

This whitepaper shows an example of transfer between conveyor belts and contains a mathematical derivation. Simulation procedures are increasingly being used during the design and optimizing of bulk-solids transfer in conveyor belts. Irrespective of the calculation methods used, not only the goods-specific data but all the relevant parameters of the transfer must be gathered, mostly based on three dimensional CAD data, and transferred into a mathematical model. Hence a method was designed which allows a standardized modeling of various transfer points and integrates into a simulation environment based on the continuum mechanics.

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Published: 07/26/2010 | Redaktion BSH (BulkSolidsHandling)

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