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Belt Scraper with Rubber Torsion Mount

04.09.2008 | Editor: Marcel Dröttboom

Kaohsiung, Taiwan – Jim Way Enterprise Co., Ltd. developed a new belt cleaner blade with an integrated rubber torsion arm mounting system (RTAM) for both primary belt cleaner and secondary belt cleaners (patent pending).

Through the RTAM system, the blade in primary belt cleaner JWCRT1, can absorb the external force instantly and perform effectively its scraping function without any belt damage. In order to make each blade achieve proper tension, each piece of blade can be adjusted separately. In addition, during operartion the contact pressure of each blade will be adjusted automatically due to the uneven belt surface.

Thanks to RTAM system, the scraping performance of the blade in secondary belt cleaner JWSRT1, JWSRT2-T and JWSRT2-C is much better. The conventional blade leaps when damaged belt surface or rough belt passes, and is unable to completely clean the surface. This effect misleads maintenance personnel to adjust blade tip too close to the belt so that finally belt damage will occur. However, the material will be scraped with the highest cleaning efficiency, when the blades with RTAM slightly vibrate in high frequency. And thus, the lifetime of belt is longer.

According to different applications, users can choose the pole with RTAM at both sides for the secondary belt cleaner. The torsion system at the pole keeps the pressure stable and achieves higher cleaning performance. It is easy to install and maintain because of the modular design.

The blade with RTAM is suitable for almost any material, such as coal, limestone, cement, sinter, salt, iron ore, sugar, fertilizer, etc.

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