Reduce Screen Checks from Hours to Minutes

21.10.2008 | Editor: Praktikant VTT

The KEK ‘Insertable’ Mini Sifter.

From quality check sieving to paint recovery, centrifugal sifters are an essential piece of process equipment in the powder paint industry and are suitable for several applications.

For quality check sieving a sifting machine is positioned below an air classifier mill to sieve the powder paint after grinding to ensure that it is the correct specification with no oversize or foreign material.

Often, due to the number of colour changes, powder paint equipment must be cleaned on a frequent basis. This is a time consuming process with old style centrifugal sifters and flat deck screeners which results in costly production downtime.

Quality Check Sieving

The KEK cantilevered sifter has no oversize end bearings or seals and has a hinged oversize end door, which means the sifter screen can be removed in seconds for maintenance and cleaning. Compared to old-style centrifugal sifters and flat deck screeners the this centrifugal sifter with cantilever shaft can reduce down time for clean downs by half. Indeed, users often have spare baskets pre-assembled with different screens for an even quicker turnaround.

This procedure is also used to monitor the performance of the mill itself for a better control of the machine.

‘Insertable’ Sifter

Traditionally, minisifters are installed in-line just prior to the powder paint storage vessel as above. This allows sieving/cleaning of the recycled powder paint prior to returning it to the vessel for re-use along with virgin powder. Kemutec have designed a special KEK minisifter for use in powder paint spray booth recovery systems.

Using the ‘Cantilever Shaft’ principle, the new design will allow sieving of the returned powder inside the material vessel. This is done by inserting the sieving screen and paddle assembly through the wall of the vessel, leaving the inlet and drive outside.

The sifter screen can be checked and changed inside the vessel which eliminates product spillage. The overall height required for the recycle system is lowered as the sifter is now built into the material vessel with a simpler design and fewer working parts which of course, lower the cost of the sifter and thus, the recovery system.

Although specifically for use in powder paint spray booth recovery systems, the ‘Insertable Sifter’ concept could be used in other applications and with larger model sifters where appropriate.

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