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Star-shaped Rotary Valve offers easy Cleaning

09.03.2009 | Editor: Marcel Dröttboom

Star-shaped Rotary Valve

CO.RA. S.r.l. has presented a stellar model rotary valve designed to resolve the problem of interception of flow in pharmaceutical plants. The valve allows continuous feeding and uniform dosing of granules and powders without obstructing the flow to mills, tablet press machines, capsule filling machines, micro-dosing machines and sieves.

Thanks to its star shaped configuration and to its movement (alternating between 180° and -180°) it gathers the product and transfers it to the machine below withholding the product in the feeding container. In addition, the movement in two directions also prevents demixing of product.

The speed as well as starting and stopping can be adjusted according to requirements by means of a control panel. The valve was designed with separable valve body to be quickly and easily disassembled and cleaned without the use of any tools. As a standard, the rotor is equipped with six pockets, but pocket number and the volume handled can be adapted to customer requirements. Off-the-shelf, the valve has a satin finished AISI 316L body but can be delivered with a mirror polished body on request. Additional advantages are a small footprint and light weight, low friction thanks to a small contact surface between rotor and gasket, the possibility of sterilization in an autoclave, and no need for lubricants.

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