Truck Unloading

Next Generation of Running Floor II Technology

03.06.2009 | Editor: Wolfgang Geisler

Truck unloading

A walking floor system is a horizontal unloader, eliminating the need for tipping or dumping. Aluminum slats run the length of the trailer floor. Actuated by a four-phase hydraulic drive, slats move in groups of three, then together. This sequence “walks” material out.

Systems can be bi-directional for both loading and unloading product. Precision components are designed to minimize the entry of contaminants and exposed components are chromated to protect them against the harshest conditions. With few moving parts, the systems are durable and low in maintenance,

By far, the most popular system sold by Keith Mfg. Co. is the Running Floor II drive. Since its introduction, the drive unit has been only slightly modified from the original design. With the next generation of Running Floor II technology ready, a new design is unveiled to the bulk handling industry.

Running Floor II DX features an improved cylinder design, updated check valve design, improved corrosion resistance and a new, standardized plated tubing design. Due to these technical improvements, the manufacturer extended its warranty to two years on all DX models.

Unlike similar unloading systems, the cylinders of the new Running Floor drive contain two rods and two pistons for durability and increased performance. This patented double-rod hydraulic system divides the unloading force between both ends of the drive frame, distributing the force, thus allowing for faster unloading times.

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