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Mass Flow Measurement instead of Weighing

19.08.2009 | Editor: Wolfgang Geisler

Swedish industrial weighing company S-E-G Instrument AB developed a mass flow meter to replace scales for solid bulk materials. Using the coriolis principle the instrument is measuring the mass flow for solid bulk materials with grain size up to 10 mm. S-E-G Instrument is a company in the field of industrial weighing, but for some applications the traditional industrial scale is not the ideal solution.

In some situations it can be an advantage to use mass flow measuring instead of scales.

The Coriolis mass flow meter can measure various materials such as bentonit, starch, grain and granulates. In a plant in Finland, Talc, a material with fluctuating dampness, is successfully being measured by S-E-G‘s mass flow meter. This method is the best way to avoid time-consuming calibration every day before start-up.

Mass flow meters can be used for many various tasks, for example dosage and load out of solid bulk materials. The measuring accuracy is 0,5% and the repeatability better than 0,1%.

The mass flow meter is available in different sizes. The largest model has a capacity of 100 metric tonnes per hour. The inlet tube‘s diameter is 250 mm, and the outlet tube‘s is 300mm.

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