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07.03.2008 | Autor / Editor: Sandvik Mining &
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6 Similar reclaimer delivered to PWCS in 2001.

A little unexpectedly, coal has become something like the fuel of the future. This can also be seen from the large number of projects for coal handling facilities world wide. Most of the times, stacking and reclaiming equipment forms a major, and often quite impressive part of these facilities. This article provides examples of such equipment for handling of coal from Sandvik Mining & Construction.

In August 2007 Sandvik Mining and Construction was awarded a contract to supply a bucket-wheel stacker/reclaimer to Canada’s Delta, Greater Vancouver, deep-sea coal terminal operated by Westshore Terminals Limited Partnership. The terminal exports coal to 20 nations around the world, most of it being transported by rail from mines in Alberta and south-eastern British Columbia.

On arrival it is unloaded within enclosed dumper sheds at the terminal which is currently being upgraded. The new stacker/reclaimer will stockpile coal received from the railcar dumper via yard conveyors and reclaim it for delivery to a shiploader. According to Sandvik Mining and Construction, the addition of the stacker/reclaimer was expected to have a positive impact on air quality in the immediate vicinity of the terminal as it would help speed unloading and loading times, respectively, of trains and ships.

The stockyard machine, which will be dedicated to coal handling, is scheduled to be operational in August 2009. With a boom length of 60 m it will have a nominal capacity of 4600 t/h for both stacking and reclaiming. The scope of the contract includes, design, engineering, project management, quality assurance, manufacturing, fabrication, transport and supply to site, erection and commissioning, testing, documentation and training. Certain other related items of handling, conveying and electrical equipment will be supplied by Sandvik.

Equipment at the Port of Bourgas, Bulgaria

Last year Sandvik delivered an integrated coal handling system to Bourgas, Bulgaria’s principal port. This has been installed at berths 31 and 32 and includes two stackers, a reclaimer and a combined stacker/reclaimer as well as two grab gantry unloaders. The two stackers both have a nominal capacity of 1320 t/h although maximum output in both cases is said to be 1500 t/h. Both machines, one has a boom length of 29 m, the other with a 39.5 m boom stack either coal or coke to the stockyard, while operating on one side of the rail only and are capable of a 110-degree slewing arc. The bucket-wheel reclaimer is employed to reclaim coal and coke at a nominal rate of 825 t/h.

It has a boom length of 54.5 m and the slewing range is 170 degrees with the machine operating on both sides of the track to service the coal stockpile on one side and the coke pile on the other.

The stacker/reclaimer transfers coal and coke to and from the stockpiles at a nominal stacking rate of 1320 t/h (maximum being 1500 t/h) and a reclaim rate of 660 t/h. It has a 110-degree slewing range to service stockpiles on both sides and the 40 m long bucket-wheel boom can both slew and luff. Due to its favourable geographical location, this port presents the shortest possible distance for transportation of cargoes from Central and Eastern Europe to the countries of the Caucasian region and the Middle East.

Port of Immingham, UK

In the summer of 2006 Sandvik successfully commissioned an innovative coal handling facility at the UK port of Immingham following an order placed two years earlier by Associated British Ports. The installation encompasses ship unloading, coal stockyard and a high capacity train loading station.

The two bucket-wheel stacker/reclaimers are of the same specification, being capable of stacking at a rate of 5300 t/h and reclaiming at 5000 t/h. Bucket-wheel outreach in both cases is 45 m. These machines have been designed for continuous operation, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and in addition to withstanding this punishing treatment they have to operate reliably in a dusty and salt-laden atmosphere. They also have to work efficiently with different grades of coal of varying particle size, fines quota and moisture content.

8000 t/h for Kooragang Coal Terminal

In August 2007 Sandvik Mining and Construction won a further order to supply two more bucket wheel boom-type reclaimers to the Kooragang Coal Terminal operated by Port Waratah Coal Services at Kooragang Island, Port of Newcastle, NSW, Australia. The two reclaimers which are scheduled to be operational by end of 2009 will each have a capacity of 8000 t/h and a boom length of 59 m and are among the biggest reclaimers worldwide.

The supply of the new reclaimers (first reclaimer for this client was already supplied in 2001) confirms the clients confidence in Sandvik and provides the opportunity to demonstrate the performance of the machines and further strengthen the position of Sandvik as a major supplier of materials handling systems.

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