Stacking and Conveying Sulphur Prills in Astrakhan

07.04.2009 | Editor: Wolfgang Geisler

Combined portal stacker/scraper-reclaimer during assembly at the Astrakhan plant

In October 2003, the Canadian Enersul company, a specialist in processing sulphur, received the so far largest order for a project at the Russian Astrakhangazprom. Presently, the handling of the project is in full swing, and Herne, Germany, based SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH, a member of the AUMUND Group, participates with the preparation and installation of two stockyards with a capacity of 150,000 tons of sulphur prills each.

Two combined portal stacker/scraper-reclaimers will be used in Astrakhan for stacking and reclaiming those prills. With a track width of 65 m each, these portal machines are two of the largest ever supplied to a customer in the petrochemical industry by Schade.

The natural gas field in the Astrakhan region in the south of Russia contains more than 3.7·1012 cubic metres of gas which are sold and used for further processing by the subsidiary of worldwide largest natural gas producer Gazprom. The field in Astrakhan counts as one of the ten biggest gas field reserves in the world.

The two machines with a stacking capacity of 300 t/h and a reclaiming capacity of 600 t/h ensure smooth material handling on both stockyards. The stackers take over the sulphur prills produced from the natural gas and stack them on the corresponding pile. The reclaimer is used to load rail wagons with the fertilizer base material.

Normally, a bulk material stockyard is operated in such a way that simultaneous stacking and reclaiming is possible. Usually, this involves two separate machines such as a belt stacker for building up the pile and a portal scraper reclaimer for removing material from the pile. As the stacking and reclaiming processes on the stockyards in Astrakhan do not need to be carried out simultaneously, their combination in one machine is possible. This combined machine results in considerable savings not only as regards the investment cost but also the operating cost. Originally, the combined machine had been developed and patented by Schade in 1973 for the installation in a German coking plant. The system comprises a portal structure travelling on rails which supports the scraper reclaimer boom and the boom conveyor. In contrast, longitudinal stockyards which require simultaneous stacking and reclaiming of material have to be equipped with separate machines.

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