Cone Crusher

Cone Crusher for Secondary and Tertiary Crushing Applications in Mining

11/10/2011 | Editor: Marcel Dröttboom

(Picture: Sandvik Mining & Construction)
(Picture: Sandvik Mining & Construction)

The CH890 and CH895 Sandvik cone crushers are designed to increase performance in both secondary and tertiary/pebble crushing applications. Both units have more power and increased crushing force in order to increase productivity.

The specially designed, strength-optimized topshell and dedicated crushing chambers of the CH895 model make it ideal for tertiary and pebbles crushing while the CH890 topshell and crushing chambers are dedicated to secondary crushing. The new mainshaft, made from a new high-strength material, is designed to withstand harsh mining requirements while the strength-optimized bottomshell design allows for greater loads. Simply stated, the heavy-duty structural design ensures durability and longevity in the most demanding conditions. Further improvements for increased safety and minimised downtime, include a relocated external dump valve and a new over pressure system to keep the lubrication oil clean. The systems also feature a hydraulically adjusted mainshaft and an ASRi control system to facilitate online adjustment during full load and ensure peak performance at all times.

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