Air Classifier Mill for Batch Production System

08.09.2008 | Editor: Wolfgang Geisler

Kemutec’s PPS 1CMT air classifier mill dismantled.

Experiencing a spike in demand and recognising the high value for powder paints in smaller capacities, a leading US manufacturer in the powder paint and coatings industry approached Kemutec Powder Technologies, (KPT), with the requirement to outfit a new small batch production system.

Following the manufacturers specified criteria, KPT proposed to supply an integral, compact designed 1CMT air classifier mill to fit within the specified footprint, and meet throughput capacities while efficiently producing powder paints.

After an extensive equipment comparison with four leading competitors, Kemutec’s proposal was selected due to the mill’s user-friendly sequential controls, easy clean features, and competitive price. The compact design minimized occupied floor space while maximizing throughput capabilities, reducing manual interaction and associated labour.

Kemutec’s air classifier mill is designed to produce fine powders while controlling the particle size distribution. The feed material enters the grinding chamber and is immediately introduced to the grinding zone. The finer, in-specification material carried in the upward air stream is delivered to the classifier, passes through the classifier wheel, and is then conveyed and collected in the primary collection device. Particle size is dictated by the classifier speed, which is controlled by a variable frequency drive. Oversized material drops back into the grinding zone for further size reduction and classification.

This process is repeated until all product passes through the classifier wheel. Product is then conveyed to the high efficiency cyclone, which separates unwanted ultra-fines. The coarse product is discharged into a Kek K300C sifter and oversized particles are removed. The sifted product is then collected, packaged and ready for delivery.

When asked about their ROI, the project site engineer stated, “Not only has the mill experienced zero downtime in the 18 months since installation, it has decreased production time from two weeks to 48 hours, paying for itself and a good portion of the division‘s other expenditures.” Further advantages were the start up training as well as on going support and service provided by KPT.

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