BulkSolids India 2011

BulkSolids India 2011 – Reflecting India’s Economic Growth

21.06.2010 | Editor: Marcel Dröttboom

BulkSolids India 2011 takes place in Mumbai, India, on April 6-8, 2011.

Wuerzburg & Nuremberg, Germany, and Mumbai, India – The Indian economy shows a distinct upward trend and the Indian subcontinent also ranks as one of the world’s most promising growth markets in the chemical industry. The BulkSolids India Conference and Exhibition is accordingly growing. The length of BulkSolids India 2011 has been increased from two to three days in order to reflect all the major sectors of the processing industry.

From 6–8 April 2011, the Nehru Centre in Mumbai, India, is the meeting-place for the processing sector for the second time. The successful premiere of BulkSolids India in 2010 is followed by an expanded second edition of the International Conference & Exhibition on Storing, Handling and Transporting Bulk Solids and Powders. The organizers – Vogel Business Media and NürnbergMesse – offer a larger exhibition area in 2011 and an extensive information and dialogue platform for experts from industry and science as part of the conference programme with its extended range of topics. The Call for Papers is open and interested speakers can now submit their abstracts.

The established topics of the English-language conference, such as Dust Emission Control, Belt Conveying, Pneumatic Conveying, Energy & Environment, Biomass, Storage & Discharge, Bulk Ports, and Train Loading & Unloading, are joined by the new technical focuses of Chemical Processing, Solids Handling in Food Processing, Solids Handling in Pharmaceuticals, Gas-Solid (Multiphase) Reactors with Solids Reactants / Products, and Gas-Solid (Multiphase) Reactors with Solids Catalysts. Conference papers (1-page abstracts) on these topics can now be submitted to Vogel Business Media.

For the first time, half-day workshops are also planned for dealing in detail with special topics like Explosion Protection, Chemical Processing and Hoppers, and Silo Design. “I am sure these additions will provide further impetus to make this event technically satisfying,” says Vijay K. Agarwal, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Chairman of the Conference Board of BulkSolids India 2011. “BulkSolids India 2011 will act as a catalyst to bring together the technical experts from both the industry and the academia for a meaningful interaction. Close interaction between the industry and the academia will help the researchers to share knowledge and get information on practical applications of the subject.”

Target Groups

BulkSolids India 2011 is intended for exhibiting companies from the segments of basic mechanical processing technologies, plant engineering and processing components, particle analysis and characterization, measurement and control, safety and environmental technologies, and services, plus the new segment of chemical and food processing. For visitors and participants, the exhibition and conference are a B-to-B platform for decision-makers from the construction industry, mining and coal and ore mining, and are also intended for industries involved with quarrying and earthworks, cement, lime, gypsum, recycling / environmental technology, port operators, and manufacturers of chemical products and food.

BulkSolids India 2010

The premiere of BulkSolids India in 2010 confirmed the importance of such an information platform on the Indian subcontinent: Some 800 conference and exhibition visitors came to Mumbai for high-level discussions on current trends in the market and to attend the presentations by the specialists. The conference programme was highly topical and tailored to the Indian market and the Indian manufacturing and processing industries. The result of a visitor survey confirmed that just under 80 per cent of the visitors obtained the information they were looking for. All the contacts also scored good marks for quality and every second visitor made new business contacts at BulkSolids India. At the end of the event, almost 70 per cent had already decided to visit BulkSolids India 2011.


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