Material Flow in Silos

Achieving Mass Flow in Silos with shallow converging Section

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This paper presents a modification to the method of using inverted cones to achieve mass flow, which impoves the effectiveness of this approach when working with shorter silos or silos running at lower inventory levels.

The relatively low amount of attention paid to the bulk solids handling stages within industrial processes, has produced a general lackadaisical attitude towards design of the equipment involved in these stages. This is commonly reflected on the manufacturing process in terms of unreliable flow and blockages and often causes uneven packaging and reduced homogeneity of the final product.
A simple and widely used method to try to overcome these problems is the retrofit of inverted cones. However, the solution often becomes a different sometimes bigger problem as the incorrect dimensioning and positioning causes preferential draw and offset discharge.
The present paper explores and validates a method to achieve mass flow using inverted cones, and it is shown that mass flow can be achieved following these guidelines when working with tall silos or silos that are continually fed. However, when working with shorter silos or silos running at lower inventory levels the effectiveness of the method decreases. In answer to this, a modification of the method is presented and the improvement validated.

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Published: 09/15/2010 | bulk solids handling / Redaktion BSH (BulkSolidsHandling)

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