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Flexible Material Handling Solutions For Abrasive Materials

09.07.2009 | Editor: Wolfgang Geisler

The V-Floor conveying system

Choosing the correct material handling system for abrasive products can mean the difference between poor performance and maximum efficiency. Yet products such as aggregate, gravel and sand can limit conveying system options.

Until recently, it was often thought that moving floor technology had beneficial, but limited applications in the metering and conveying of aggregate products. The development of the Keith® V-Floor® system’s integrated slat provides a moving floor system designed specifically for abrasive loads. Constructed of formed steel and aluminum, the V-Floor conveying system features “V”-shaped floor slats, especially designed for high-impact use.

The V-Floor system can be adapted for storing, conveying and feeding nearly any material, providing a flexible solution to material handling requirements. Due to their unique “V” shape, the floor slats of the V-Floor system have a higher tolerance of abrasive materials than other moving floors. Multi-use trailers can unload sand, gravel and other aggregate materials, including wet products such as clay.

The foundation of the moving floor system is a series of hydraulically actuated floor slats and a drive unit which powers the slats through a four-phase cycle to convey the material. In each of the first three cycles, one-third of the slats move, while the remaining two-thirds remain in place. In the final cycle, all slats move together, conveying the load. While in motion, the floor slats remain horizontal, moving in a forward to backward stroke.

The first commercially viable WALKING FLOOR unloader appeared in the 1970s and was used almost exclusively in the agriculture industry. By the early 1980s, the hydraulic drive unit could accommodate faster unloading speeds and the system was introduced to waste haulers. In addition to fast unloading speeds, trailers equipped with moving floor systems can be unloaded at virtually any location. Unlike dump trailers, which are limited by vertical height restrictions, moving floor systems can be used to unload material near or inside buildings, as well as in areas where trees and overhead power lines are located. In addition, moving floor unloaders have the ability to meter out material in several smaller loads. For applications in the aggregate industry, V-Floor equipped trailers offer flexibility to unload at a variety of sites during backhauling.

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