Vibration and Noise Control

Condition Monitoring as the Way of Gearbox Surveillance

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The paper will give a procedure of vibration signal analysis.

For gearbox noise control used for driving systems of belt conveyors there is a need of proper surveillance. Condition monitoring can be used for gearbox surveillance and maintenance. The signal of a gearbox condition is vibration generated by gearboxes. To gain information on a gearbox condition there is the need of suitable signal processing and analysis.
The paper will give a procedure of vibration signal analysis. The paper will also show the need of using the condition based maintenance procedures of belt conveyor driving systems to monitor their condition for presenting vibro-acoustic severity and preventing its effect development by changing the rolling elements bearings, which are characterised by increased over limit backlash as a result of influence of dusty environment of mines.
It is shown that the vibro-acoustic (vibration and noise) effect/result given by a belt conveyor driving system depends of their condition. The condition of belt conveyor driving systems is the result of several factors that can be divided into four groups namely: design, production technology, operation, change of condition. The influence of mentioned four groups of factors on the vibro-acoustic severity is considered in the paper. Read the whitepaper to learn more about the conclusion.

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Published: 04/14/2010 | Redaktion BSH (BulkSolidsHandling)

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