Parameters affecting Power Consumption in Pneumatic Conveying of Fine Particles

Pneumatic Conveying
Power consumption is the major parameter of analysis of any pneumatic conveying system. In this paper different parameters affecting power consumption are studied. These important parameters are considered to find a correlation with non-dimensional power. The correlation is found to be in good agreement with experimental data. From the experimental data the optimal value of specific power consumption and non-dimensional power are calculated.

Advanced 2D Radar for Rough Environments - Positioning, Volumetric Measurement and Collision Avoidance

Radar Scanner
Newly developed radar scanners who “see and feel” what is happening in the mine provide a core technology which can be used for different applications. The scanner itself is a compact box with an IP 66 housing milled out of a full aluminium block. It provides it's data through different interfaces, fitting exactly to needs of an application and into an existing infrastructure.


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