Valuables covered for Environmental Protection

Storage & Handling

Valuables covered for Environmental Protection

Domes over the 7th Largest Copper and Moly Development
Keeping the environment safe from impacts of stored copper ores as well as minimising material losses due to deflation were the main reasons for building two storage domes at a newly developed copper and molybdenum mine in Northern Chile. Covering stockpiles under the harsh regional conditions would have been a monumental challenge in years past.
(ed. WoMaMarcel - 18/9/2015)
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Safety in Sierra Gorda

There were no setbacks during either installation, and both domes began operating as scheduled. Nearby surroundings remain pristine, as has Geometrica’s and Salfa’s safety records. This segues nicely with KGHM’s core values of “Zero Harm,” “Success Through Teamwork,” and “Results Driven and Courageous Leadership.” From non-slip surfaces to safety exits and OHSAS 18001 certified construction processes, Geometrica’s built-in features and accessories ensure the highest levels of safety performance. Each application is engineered to meet or exceed health, safety and environmental standards.

A football field could easily fit inside this 122m dome.

Among Geometrica’s options for material equipment are openings at the apex or circumference as practical solutions for natural ventilation. Access openings for equipment, vehicles and personnel can be designed in any shape or size, including customized doors, frames, canopies and hatches. Penthouse enclosures can be used to protect top loading conveyors, while flashing can be used for side penetrations. Domes can be engineered to partially support the conveyor, or allow independent conveyor movement. Galvanized steel ladders are built for safety using non-slip threads. Galvanized steel walkways are provided with OSHA-approved guide rails and nonslip grating. These ladders and walkways provide access to electrical and ventilation systems, mechanical penthouses, conveyors, galleries and safety exits.

The Global Dome Experts

Geometrica specializes in designing efficient long spanned domes so that local crews can construct the most durable long span domes without welding requirements or heavy equipment. Bulk storage structures are customized to suit each project’s specific site and storage requirements, handling equipment, and design preferences.

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