Silos, Bins & Bunkers

Sufficient Stock at Lower Cost

Radar level measurement - the sophisticated base for automated inventory control
Reducing the Cost of Carrying ‘Safety Stocks'
Keeping stock of bulk materials is a costly undertaking, but a necessity to ensure continuously ongoing production. Accurate level measurement can improve inventory reporting and reduce safety stocks of bulk solids, helping companies meet financial targets, reduce costs and increase sales.

Down the Rathole

Three air cannons keep the material flowing in a pyramid hopper construction .
Discharge Aids
A cement and concrete manufacturer faced a problem with their storage bins for the raw material, which accumulated in the hopper forming a rathole seriously affecting production. To keep the whole of the material flowing they installed an air cannon system with some interesting specifications.

Whipped into Shape

By enlisting the services of a professional silo-cleaning crew from Martin Engineering, USA, the Commercial Acres RMC facility was able to have all three silos safely emptied and ready for repair in just ten working hours.
Silo Cleaning
When their silo walls bulged due to increased internal stresses, which resulted from material build-up within the silo, a North American Ready Mix Concrete plant looked for a possibility to empty the silos without the need to enter them.

World’s largest Wood Pellet Store

View onto two the newly installed concrete dome silos for the storage of wood pellets at Drax power station near York, UK.
Wood Pellet Handling
In the UK as well as in the rest of Europe biomass fuel is finding ever more attention. To enable the utilisation of such materials in power plants on a big scale they have to be supplied in consistent quality with regard to chemical and physical composition. This can be achieved by transforming them into pellets, with the additional benefit that systems for handling such materials already exist.

Level Sensor with simple and intuitive wireless Bluetooth Set-up

Continuous Level Measurement
Monitor Technologies has recently introduced advances to the SiloPatrol plumb bob style continuous level sensors that provide even easier set-up and increased flexibility for control system integration. Enhancements include wireless Bluetooth for simple, intuitive set-up without removing the sensor cover and Modbus connectivity to communicate with Modbus-compatible control systems.

Material Buildup? Blow it away!

With the new air cannon network in place, the Louisville plant has been able to significantly reduce the need for water blasting. Material now flows more efficiently, and maintenance personnel have drastically reduced the man-hours that were spent on manual removal.
Flow Activation
An American cement producer faced severe problems of material buildup in his preheater. Manual hydro-lancing meant process disruptions. With a new air cannon network now in place, the need for water blasting has been significantly reduced, material flows more efficiently, and maintenance personnel have drastically reduced the man-hours that were spent on manual removal.


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