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A perfect Fit for Stockyards

The Hitachi ZW180-5 has already made a significant impact loading a steady stream of trucks and trailers at sister company Molenaar Zand en Grond BV’s stockyard.
Wheel Loader
A Molenaar, a road construction, drainage, sewage and groundworks contractor, has bought an ideal machine for its new material-handling site in the form of the Hitachi ZW180-5. It has already made a significant impact loading a steady stream of trucks and trailers at sister company Molenaar Zand en Grond BV’s stockyard at Bergambacht, east of Rotterdam.

Level Sensor with simple and intuitive wireless Bluetooth Set-up

Continuous Level Measurement
Monitor Technologies has recently introduced advances to the SiloPatrol plumb bob style continuous level sensors that provide even easier set-up and increased flexibility for control system integration. Enhancements include wireless Bluetooth for simple, intuitive set-up without removing the sensor cover and Modbus connectivity to communicate with Modbus-compatible control systems.

Bulk Bag Conditioning System helps prevent Breakage and Harm

Material Transfer & Storage Inc.'s bulk bag conditioning system returns agglomerated materials to a free-flowing state.
Bulk Bag Handling
Conditioning and emptying bulk bags with agglomerated material can be dangerous if the proper equipment is not utilized. The bulk bag conditioning system by Material Transfer & Storage, Inc. addresses concerns related to the commonly practiced "forklift conditioning method" such as bag breakage, plant structural damage, forklift damage, or injury to plant personnel.

A mobile Solution for fast, frequent Stockpile Volume Reporting

With I-Site Drive operations can now use the one laser scanner for tripod, vehicle-mounted stop-go, rail or hatch-mounted survey, and continuous survey.
Stockpile Measurement
Maptek has released I-Site Drive to provide mines, quarries and industrial operations with a faster, more accurate system for frequent stockpile volume reporting. I-Site Drive links the laser scanner directly with GPS to generate the stockpile profile as it is circumnavigated. The volume is accurately calculated without estimating or inferring from unknown points.

Positive Flow of Bulk Goods

Because the Live Bin‘s design does not require a flexible seal, it is especially suited for sanitary applications.
Vibrating Hopper
Vibra Screw Inc. offers a line of fully assembled, self contained, ready to operate vibrating hoppers that promote flow of any dry material. Capacities range from 3 to 100 cubic feet (0.085 to 2.8 cubic metre) of storage. The Live Bin is designed to provide positive discharge of micron sized to fibrous and flaky materials on a first in first out basis assuring mass flow and eliminating material segregation.

Tons of Gravel and Fertilizer

Thanks to a maximum transport width of 3 m, the mobile Sennebogen machines can be quickly loaded onto flat-bed trucks and deployed at any location.
Material Handler
Midyear 2014, the Dutch Sales and Service Partner, Kuiken N.V. delivered three new Sennebogen 835 M machines of the new E-Series to the materials handling service provider, E. Drost B.V. In demanding material handling applications from ship to truck, and for logistics at the storage depot, the machines replace their reliable C-Series predecessors.


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