Level Sensor with simple and intuitive wireless Bluetooth Set-up

Continuous Level Measurement

Level Sensor with simple and intuitive wireless Bluetooth Set-up

Monitor Technologies has recently introduced advances to the SiloPatrol plumb bob style continuous level sensors that provide even easier set-up and increased flexibility for control system integration. Enhancements include wireless Bluetooth for simple, intuitive set-up without removing the sensor cover and Modbus connectivity to communicate with Modbus-compatible control systems.
(ed. WoMaMarcel - 28/5/2015)
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In addition, there are a widened array of programmable features such as cable cycle distance limit, auto timer and relay output for high or low distance threshold setting, error indication or cycle operate. The SiloPatrol plumb bob unit combines Hall Effect sensor technology, sealed bi-directional optical sensing, a split-compartment enclosure, isolated outputs and other features to produce a reliable level measuring system designed for the harshest conditions. In addition, the SiloPatrol automates inventory management by use of the SiloTrack software or a variety of operator interface devices like the HMI2.

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