Increased Flexibility for Cement Plants with new Storage Feeder System

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Increased Flexibility for Cement Plants with new Storage Feeder System

Samson Feeder from Aumund in New Operation
The Samson feeder has found an additional application as surface storage feeder SSF, thus making operations of a cement mill much less complex and much more cost effective. It adds increased flexibility in handling different materials and in adapting the plant layout to changing production demands.
(ed. WoMaMarcel - 26/2/2015)
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Due to the SSF’s wide profile of ten feet, maintaining such a material level is no problem. Even if time between loading the unit creates gaps on the feeder, the constant material supply to the production process can be maintained by relying upon the buffer function of the SSF. Its variable speed maintains the needs of the weigh feeder and the weigh feeder meters the requirements of the raw meal mix and grinding process. For operation and maintenance, the plant has only 3 or 4 SSF and belt feeders to deal with. All those are located on ground level.

Reference Examples of Use

Aumund provided two Samson feeder systems to Lehigh Cement at Edmonton in Canada. The task was to feed synthetic gypsum into separate finish mill lines. The material is loaded into the Samson feeders by front end loaders. Through a weigh feeder and a TKF chain conveyor it is then fed directly onto the finish mill belt conveyor.

To the Lafarge cement mill at Whitehall in Pennsylvania/USA, Aumund supplied one Samson feeder. In conjunction with a weigh feeder and a transfer conveyor belt, it feeds lime mud directly onto the finish mill belt. The material is fed by both, rear tipping truck and front end loader.

Further New Opportunities

The use of SSF systems opens up many further new opportunities. This type of wide surface storage feeder offers a flexibility far beyond conventional storage/feeder systems with less installed cost and less maintenance. Horizontal storage, although not a new concept, may now be a concept that has come of time, due to equipment development and evolution.

In the Americas installation costs have become by far the greater percentage of the overall total cost of any industrial project. Equipment, such as the SSF, offers an opportunity to reduce installed cost in some critical areas of a plant, while also offering some real operational benefits.
The Samson feeder used as a SSF is providing an all-purpose solution for the reception of many types of bulk material cargoes transferred from the port to storage or production facilities by tipping truck or front end loader. For new plant developments the surface mounted SSF solution offers an economical and flexible alternative to conventional underground unloading systems, storage bins and feeders.

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