Sands a la Carte with mobile Washing Plant

Aggregates Processing

Sands a la Carte with mobile Washing Plant

Austrian Ready-mix Producer expands Sand and Gravel Production Capability
Pehofer GmbH have invested in a new modular gravel washing plant from CDE Global at their premises in Wiener Neustadt (Austria). The plant consists of a mobile washing plant and a semi-mobile logwasher and processes 225 tons per hour of limestone raw material.
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The Aggmax is required in this instance to effectively remove raw gravel material from the clay and fine particles which bind the material together. As material enters the Aggmax it is subjected to a high level of attrition from the integrated Rotomax logwasher. In this instance a Rotomax RX153 is employed which has a capacity of 150 tph. The scrubbed 4-32 mm material is then discharged onto a triple deck horizontal sizing screen for classification into the required aggregate grades. The waste water containing the liberated fines and clay is returned to the sand washing phase on the M2500 to maximise sand recovery. As the feed material contains a small proportion of material in the 0-4 mm range this step is critical to ensuring production of a manufactured sand product that meets the required standards for use in concrete.

The plant is configured in such a way as to allow three production modes each delivering a different suite of final sand and aggregate products according to the specific requirements of Pehofer at any given time. This is achieved without any requirement to change screen media and is facilitated by the introduction of a number of diverter chutes and the introduction of two radial stockpile conveyors.

Closeup of the installed machinery: Evowash and M2500 in the Pehofer plant in Wiener Neustadt, Austria.

Products and Production Path

In the primary production mode the plant produces a 0-4 mm sand as well as 4-8 mm, 8-16 mm and 16-32 mm aggregates and a +32 mm oversize product.

In secondary production mode the fi­nal products are a 0-8 mm, 8-16 mm and 16-32 mm with the +32mm oversize. This is facilitated by diverting the scrubbed 4-8mm product from the Aggmax and combining it with the 0-4 mm material from the M2500.
Tertiary production mode sees the 0-4 mm material from the M2500 combined with the 4-16 mm material from the Aggmax to produce a 0-16 mm and 16-32 mm material and a +32 mm oversize. A diverter chute on the horizontal sizing screen allows this to happen.

“The ease with which we can move between the various production modes gives us great comfort that we will be able to meet our specific requirements in relation to final product specifications as dictated by our gravel and concrete clients” says Mr Peter Pehofer. “These changes are achieved very quickly which maximises plant production and minimises the level of operator intervention required.”

Ready for Future Requirements

Following installation of the new gravel washing plant Pehofer has started work at the new site in Wiener Neustadt and are confident that this investment will bring big benefits. “Given our new aggregate production capability, the flexibility of our new CDE system and the continued growth of our concrete and gravel business we are looking forward to enjoying the efficiency gains that this plant will deliver” says Helmut Pehofer. “We are now set up for a period of further expansion in the years ahead.”

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