It’s all about the Mix

Iron Ore Sinter

It’s all about the Mix

Mixing and Granulation of Sinter Material in the Steel Industry
With regard to abrasiveness sinter raw materials in the iron and steel industry are among the most demanding when it comes to mixing processes, especially, as these have to performed continuously on a 24/7 basis.
(ed. WoMaMarcel - 27/7/2015)
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The design engineers were able to utilise their extensive experience gained over many years in the development of intensive mixers for iron ore pelletizing plants. The entire surface of the mixing shovels of the KM 57000 SIN are hard-faced with tungsten carbide for heavy duty use in the steelworks. The underside of the drum is lined with high strength rubber. In addition to protecting against wear, this lining also serves to reduce the accretion of material on the wall of the drum, thus reducing the vibrations of the mixer.

The drum itself was designed in two parts to allow fast and easy replacement of the shovels, shaft and rubber lining. This is a real challenge given the scale of the machine. A crane is required for opening the lid of the eight meter long drum. The already existing crane at the steelworks can be used for this. The advantage of this solution speaks for itself: The inside of the machine is perfectly accessible. To make it even easier to exchange the shovels, they can be moved at low speed into the desired position.

The two-part mixing drum also offers another important advantage: The entire mixing unit shaft with its tools fitted can be removed within a short time in a single working shift. Thanks to the special drum design it is possible to achieve planned downtimes of less than two weeks per year. During operation, hydraulic drives on both ends ensure that the mixer is continuously moving.

Closing the mixer housing at the manufacturers premises.

The KM 57000 SIN is a customised machine specially tailored to the customer’s requirements. It took a year from receipt of the order to delivery of the machine. During this time, many of the 300 employees at the manufacturers headquarters in Paderborn were involved in the process. The machine was finally ready for delivery at the beginning of February 2015 and was sent by flat bed trailer to Hamburg. From there the mixer was shipped to India and has now arrived at its final destination.


The mixing and granulation technology for the production of iron sinter in the steel industry has to overcome particular challenges due to the extremely abrasive materials and high throughputs. Although conventional systems used for production are low-maintenance, they cannot achieve the required quality of mixture and grain size distribution. In particular, they cannot be used for processing materials such as ultrafine iron ore and pellet feeds. Therefore intensive mixers and granulators provide an attractive alternative as they achieve an excellent mixing quality and optimum permeability, thus increasing the efficiency, productivity and profitability of the sinter plant.
Gebr. Lödige developed the KM 57000 SIN as a solution for this heavy duty application. The largest mixer ever produced in the history of the company stands out for its wear protection and ease of maintenance: Thanks to its two-part design the eight metre long drum of the mixer can be opened to allow optimum accessibility to the interior of the mixer.

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