Taim Weser Equipment comes into Service at Port of Callao

Concentrate Loading Terminal

Taim Weser Equipment comes into Service at Port of Callao

At the end of May 2014, the official opening of the new mineral concentrate loading Terminal took place at the Port of Callao in Peru, a project promoted by Callao Transport Consortium (CTC) and in which Taim Weser participated by supplying various pieces of equipment for bulk material handling.
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At the terminal in the Port of Callao, Taim Weser has also been responsible for the ship loader.

At this new loading terminal in the Port of Callao, located 15 km from the city of Lima, Taim Weser has been responsible for supplying ship loading equipment for export of mineral concentrates, particularly copper, lead and zinc. The system comprises a belt conveyor measuring 490 m in length with a capacity of 2400 t/h that links the tubular conveyor transporting concentrates from the storage warehouse to the wharf, where a loading gallery and a rail mounted shiploader, capacity 2400 t/h, also supplied by Taim Weser have been installed and are able to service ships with capacities ranging between 15 000 and 60 000 dwt. Thanks to this new facility, conveying and loading capacity for mineral concentrates is multiplied by five, from 400 to more than 2000 t/h, for which the new terminal has been designed, thus making vessel lay times in Callao significantly shorter. The facility will also make the Port of Callao the largest, most modern and competitive mineral-handling wharf in the country. A significant feature of this project is that it has been designed to provide much improved levels of safety, in terms of both the transportation system and in the environmental protection.

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