Material Handling of Highest Complexity

Raw Materials Handling

Material Handling of Highest Complexity

Large-scale Raw Materials Handling at Bushan Steel's Integrated Steel Plant
For the expansion of Bhushan Steel’s steel plant at Meramandali, India, Larsen and Toubro carried out the design, engineering, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of the raw material handling system that included 43 kilometres of belt conveyors, a wagon and truck unloading system, eight stacker/reclaimers and three bucket wheel reclaimers.
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Coke, Mill Scales and Sinter Fines

Coke fines arising from the existing plants and purchased coke unloaded in the ground hopper are conveyed to six bins in the coke fines bunker building through a series of conveyors. Coke from the coke fines bunker building is fed to the coke crushing building through high angle conveyors. The coke is screened for 3 mm separation using flip flop screens and the oversize material (+3 mm) is discharged into four surge bins with the help of a reversible shuttle conveyor. Coke stored is crushed with the help of rod mills (2W+2S) installed below respective surge bins. Crushed coke (-3 mm) and screened out (-3 mm) is conveyed to the four bins in the base bin building.

Mill scales brought to the underground hopper by truck and sinter fines stored in stock house are conveyed to the four bins in the base bin building (two, each).

Base Mix and Product Sinter

The base blending building is the heart of the base blending system and it comprises of 20 bins each of capacity 360 m3 to store iron ore, lux (crushed limestone and dolomite), coke, mill scale and sinter fines. The bins are provided with bin level indicators and air blaster system. The raw materials stored in the base blending building are reclaimed at required proportion with the help of belt weigh feeders to form the base mix. The base mix produced is stacked in either of the stock yards by the twin boom stacker machine (see Fig. 6) and the barrel reclaimer is used to retrieve base mix across the full width (see Fig. 7). The barrel reclaimer machine will be transferred to either of the beds by transfer car. One bed will have the formation of the base mix while the other will be under reclamation. The reclaimed base mix is conveyed to the sinter plant after necessary trimming, addition of coke fines and lime fines. There is also a provision of transportation of base mix directly to the sinter plant without stacking and reclaiming.

Fig. 6: The twin boom stacker machine and yard conveyors in operation.

Fig. 7: The barrel reclaimer machine will be transferred to either of the beds by transfer car.

Product sinter received from the sinter plant is either conveyed to an emergency sinter storage building or directly to the blast furnace stock house. The emergency sinter storage building consists of 16 bins each having a volume of 485 m3 to store sinter as emergency stock.

Coal and Coke Handling

This system comprises of the coal circuit which carries coking coal from the yard to the coal tower (Fig. 8) and the coke circuit (Fig. 9) that conveys the product coke to the blast furnace and base blending system. The details of the system are given in the following section.

Fig. 8: Coal tower with feeding conveyor.

Fig. 9: Bird’s eye view of the coke handling circuit.

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