MacMines Austasia submitted Draft EIS for AUD 6.7 billion Coal Mine

Greenfield Coal Mine Project

MacMines Austasia submitted Draft EIS for AUD 6.7 billion Coal Mine

The draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) has been prepared by Hansen Bailey on behalf of MacMines Austasia Pty Ltd. for Project China Stone. MacMines Austasia, part of the Meijin Energy Group, plans to build a large-scale greenfield coal mine the Galilee Basin, Queensland, Australia. The mine will produce up to 55 million tpa of Run of Mine coal, which equates to approx. 38 million tpa of thermal coal. The mine life will be in the order of 50 years.
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Project China Stone involves the construction and operation of a large-scale coal mine on a greenfield site in Central Queensland, Australia.

Brisbane (QLD), Australia – Coal will be mined using both open cut and underground mining methods. Open cut mining operations will involve multiple draglines and truck and shovel pre-stripping. Underground mining will involve up to three operating longwalls in two underground mining areas. Coal will be washed and processed on site and product coal will be transported from the site by rail. The majority of the mine infrastructure will be located to the east of the open cut mining area. It will include Coal Handling and Preparation Plants (CHPPs), stockpiles, conveyors, rail loop and train loading facilities, workshops and water storage dams.

Raw coal from the project will be washed at the CHPP. The washing of coal will generate coarse and fine rejects. Coarse rejects will be hauled by truck for storage within the overburden emplacement areas. Fine rejects, or tailings, will be transported via a slurry pipeline to a designated Tailings Storage Facility (TSF). The TSF will be a conventional tailings dam with sufficient storage capacity for life-of-mine tailings.

The project includes the construction and operation of an on-site power station and associated Power Station Waste Storage Facility (PSWSF). The power station will be used for mine power supply. It will comprise 350 Mega Watt (MW) air-cooled supercritical generating units utilising circulating fluidised bed technology. It will utilise coal rejects from the mine as feed coal. The PSWSF will involve the storage of dry power station waste including fly ash, bottom ash and clinker. These dry waste materials will be placed in the PSWSF using dump trucks in a similar manner to the development of an out-of-pit overburden emplacement. The PSWSF will have capacity for the storage of power station waste for the first 10 years of operations. After this time the power station waste will be buried within the overburden emplacements.

According to the EIS, the project will create up to approx. 3900 jobs during construction and up to approx. 3400 jobs in the operations phase. The project is projected to contribute up to AUD 1,700 million annually to the economy of the Townsville and Mackay Regions during the operations phase. The EIS also says that the project will contribute significant revenue to the Queensland and Australian governments through coal royalties (approx. AUD 5.9 billion over the life of the mine) and additional revenues associated with other government taxes.

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