Keep the Dust - together with your Coal

Dust Minimization

Keep the Dust - together with your Coal

Minimize your dust emissions by keeping the dust bonded to your coal. Don't just moisturize, but bind it with chemical additives.
(ed. wgeisler - 09/10/2014)
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Additives help keeping the coaldust down.

With over a quarter century of experience, Benetech’s chemical suppression systems have been proven to be a highly reliable, efficient, safe and economical solution. According to the manufacturer, their Cleanpak application system, combined with the company’s environmentally friendly chemical suppression, stops dust before it is generated. The all-in-one wet chemical dust suppression system combines a minimal amount of water with concentrated chemical agents to produce unique dust suppressing solutions. Benetech say that their Cleanpak system provides  optimum results without expensive and complex equipment, and that installation is simple and requires a low initial  cost. The system utilises an existing water system and a single chemical pump to provide a balanced flow of wet surfactant solution to the application points. The chemical rates are adjusted based on water hardness, amount of fines in coal and type of application. The system allows on-off operation for performance test, as well as automated operation for permanent installation using on belt detection and belt running signals.

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