Speeding up Wagon Unloading

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Speeding up Wagon Unloading

C-Frame type Tandem Rotary Tippler and Transfer Platform for high capacity Wagon Unloading in India
Railway transport is one of the most important means of transport for huge amounts of dry bulk solids. Often, train unloading is a bottle neck of such systems. A solution to this problem is presented in this article.
(ed. WoMaMarcel - 13/2/2015)
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The tandem tippler with wheel gripper at inhaul and outhaul side with wagon positioner plus SAC, forms a completely automated system for unloading bulk material from wagons and also reinstalls the empty train at outhaul side.

The tippler unloads the material into the hopper. Two Apron feeders arranged beneath the hopper extract the material at a controlled rate and load the same onto the downstream conveyor system. Apron feeders are provided with variable speed hydraulic or electro-mechanical drive.

Quite often, coal received from mines contains a greater number of oversize lumps. If the percentage of over size material is high, these larger lumps will also be allowed to pass through bigger size grid opening and will be crushed to a desired size by the primary crusher located at the discharge end of the apron feeder. This enables the system to be operated without interuption for clearing the grid. It also allows to reduce the lumps to an acceptable size suitable for loading onto downstream conveyor system.

Fig. 5 shows a tandem tippler with apron feeder and primary crusher to crush oversize size lumps coming along with the feed material

3.    Compact Railway Yard Layout by Transfer Platform

To form an empty rake at outhaul side, we need around 700 m free rail tracks at outhaul. This space at times puts severe constraints in plant layout. Today space is at a premium in plant or at the port and is many times an issue because of shortage of land availability due to cost and environmental issues.

Transfer platform installed after tippler at out haul side is an effective solution to this problem. With the help of Transfer platform and built in puller / pusher - we can transfer empty wagons on a track which is parallel to inhaul track and form the empty train. Thus around 700 m length of track is not required at out haul side. This also avoids circular track in the plant area simplifying the plant layout, eliminating constraints on inplant logistics.

Refering to Fig. 7 you will find a large plant area occupied by the circular outhaul rail track.

In Fig. 8, you will find that the complete out haul circular rail track is eliminated with the help of a transfer platform installed at the out haul side of the tandem tippler making plant layout and internal road and drainage layout much simpler.

Transfer platforms can be used in conjunction with side discharge tipplers, single or tandem rotary tipplers.
Hence to conclude, rotary C-frame type tandem tipplers with transfer platforms are an ideal choice for steel plants, bulk port terminals and power plants to unload bulk materials at a higher rate. Utilisating such equipment reduces demurrage charges and optimises plant rail infrastructure.

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