Products - Conveying & Transportation

Products - Conveying & Transportation

Mobile Harbour Crane made for small Operations

The Terex Quaymate M50 is also suitable for limited investment budgets.
Ship Loading & Unloading
The Terex Quaymate M50, manufactured by Terex Port Solutions, has been designed as an entry model for small maritime and river ports aiming to professionalise their cargo handling. With an efficient diesel-electric drive, this purpose-built crane model, with 50 t maximum lifting capacity, 36 m radius, and 50 m/min hoisting speed, provides operators of smaller ports with an economical as well as user and environmentally friendly machine.

Heavy-Duty Conveyor Belt Cleaners for severe Operating Conditions

Martin SHD Cleaners have been engineered for the world’s fastest, most heavily-loaded belts.
Conveyor Belt Cleaning
A family of primary conveyor belt cleaners has been engineered for the world’s fastest, most heavily-loaded belts, with industrial-strength construction that — according to the manufacturer — delivers effective cleaning, minimal maintenance and long service life, even under punishing conditions. Martin SHD Cleaners have been proven on belts up to 10 ft (305 cm) wide – with speeds as high as 2000 fpm (10 m/s) – carrying loads up to 300,000 tons per day.

Railcar Movers — A Key Step in Bulk Material Handling

This electromechanical CUB railcar mover is capable of moving up to 13 railcars at a time.
Railcar Loading & Unloading
Repositioning railroad cars in a rail-switching operation has always been a formidable task. Prior to the development of specialized railcar movers, full-size locomotives were often employed to move the cars across relatively short distances. Locomotives are very expensive and overpowered for the situation. They often require a special rail yard design to allow them to move cars around or out of the way of connecting rail carriers, while older locomotives used specifically for this purpose may not have readily available parts.


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