Mechanical & Belt Conveyor Systems

Novel Splice Vulcanizing Presses with Optimized Heating and Pressure Characteristics

Conveyor Belt Splicing
Within the framework of a research project between Nilos GmbH and Co. KG and the Institute of Transport and Automation Technology (ITA) of the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University Hannover new mechanisms and methods are demonstrated for the optimization of belt splice manufacturing process. Main objective of this cooperative project is to develop innovative and novel concepts for splice vulcanization presses that optimize the splice processing time.

Takraf to refurbish giant Belt Conveyor Bridges for Lignite Mining

F60 is the series designation of five overburden conveyor bridges used in lignite mining in Germany, said to be the largest movable technical industrial machines in the world.
Overburden Conveyor Bridges
After around 40 years of operation, two F 60 conveyor bridges in Lusatia, Germany, will be refurbished within the next two years. On the basis of comprehensive structural analyses made by Takraf, the large equalizer, roller table, ball and socket joint of 1250 mm diameter and vertical rail of the 60 m overburden conveyor bridge in Nochten opencast mine will be replaced, and Takraf has been awarded the respective engineering contract.


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