Optimum Gear Units aid Conveyor Belt Systems

Belt Conveyor Drive Systems

Optimum Gear Units aid Conveyor Belt Systems

Drive Solutions with Gear Units for Belt Conveyors in the Mining Industry
In the mining industry, drive technology has a decisive influence on conveyor performance and system availability. Three-phase asynchronous motors plus gear units have proved a robust, quick-to-install, low-maintenance variant here.
(ed. WoMaMarcel - 16/12/2014)
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Drive with Energy Feedback to the Grid

Depending on economic and engineering design details, drive solutions with a gear unit prove to be interesting solutions even on large conveyor belts. This is because, particularly in a mining environment, there are no specially qualified specialists necessary to operate them, thus keeping down operating costs.

As for maintenance, this is merely a matter of checking the oil level, topping up the oil, if necessary, or changing the oil, as required. Compared with a direct drive, acquisition costs are markedly lower and pay for themselves correspondingly earlier. Furthermore, these drive solutions are insensitive to vibration of the kind that can occur, for example, when the drives are mounted on stands several metres above ground.

In addition, solutions with geared drives are always very quickly ready to operate, because they do not need any special fitting structure or elaborate foundation work. In combination with three-phase asynchronous motors the drive system can increase economic efficiency in entirely new ways. When belts run downhill they are decelerated in the overrun mode. During this operation electrical energy is generated which is fed into the grid via the frequency inverter. The resulting energy feedback reduces operating costs and so increases the efficiency of a total solution.

Active Redundancy with multiple Drives

If the power requirement of the material conveying system exceeds a range of between two and three megawatts, multiple drives are an excellent solution. With these there is the advantage of active redundancy. So, if one of the drives has to be shut down for service reasons, the material conveying system can continue to run with a reduced load without the risk of serious disruption to the operation of the mine. Because equipment availability is something that mine operators attach the greatest importance to.

Drive Technology with many Advantages

There are many reasons to choose geared drive solutions. The decisive ones are the tailored design, optimally coordinated solutions and the right partners. In detail this drive technology proves itself to be a cost-effective solution that stands out from other options both at the project planning and at the acquisition stage.

It also scores with regard to space requirement and installation friendliness. And, last but not least, its operation with only little maintenance needs is also highly beneficial in mine operation, and must be stressed as an additional advantage. In short, if you want to optimise, there are many possibilities for doing so.

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