No Harm to the Environment

Pipe Conveyor System

No Harm to the Environment

Pipe Conveyor ensures dust-free Transportation of Ore Concentrates
Transportadora Callao S.A., the logistics operator of a special cargo terminal in the port of Callao, Peru, relies on a Beumer Group pipe conveyor for the transportation of zinc, copper and lead
concentrates of different mining companies from the warehouse to the terminal.
(ed. WoMaMarcel - 06/4/2017)
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Trouble-free Integration, Challenges mastered

“A big challenge for us was integrating the pipe conveyor into the existing environment,” says Helmut Wolf. The Beumer system is the connection between the individual belt conveyors from various manufacturers. “When managing the project we had to meet several official requirements,” reports Helmut Wolf. The project represents a concession by the state of Peru given to Transportadora Callao S.A., who commissioned Odebrecht Perú Ingeniería y Construcción with the execution, and Buenaventura Ingenieros S.A. with the supervision. Odebrecht commissioned Beumer Group with the design of the entire line section onshore.

The onshore section starts at the “Open Access”, where the concentrate is transferred from the warehouses. The pipe conveyor then passes a refinery and a military area. “That was the specified routing that we had to observe,” explains Helmut Wolf. In the area of the refinery, the systems had to additionally be equipped with fire-proof covers.

Just a short distance downstream from the loading point the pipe conveyor crosses the refinery area, where it had to be equipped with a fire-proof housing.

Due to this impressive engineering work, Transportadora Callao is now able to handle ships for bulk products of up to 60.000 dwt without obstructing the work in the other terminals of the Callao port.

World-wide connected and brought to one Point

Beumer Group has bundled its comprehensive expertise spanning various industries and established different Centers of Competence in order to offer optimal support of their single-source solutions for companies like Odebrecht and Transportadora Callao. The pipe conveyor segment is one such Center of Competence. This center is responsible for sales and project management worldwide. It collects and prepares the know-how of each regional group company and passes it on to the group company’s global experts, such as Helmut Wolf and his team. “Beumer’s technical team has proven its professionalism and stand-by duty, during construction and operation, and after 1.5 years in operation and more than 4 million tons of transported concentrates, we can attest that the set goals have been reached,” explains Victor Sam.

Beumer Group’s extensive Customer Support ensures a high level of system availability after commissioning. Transportadora Callao just signed a teleservice contract with Beumer Group, so that Beumer specialists can eliminate possible malfunctions in the system. If necessary, the Beumer Group service staff will go to Callao in order to make the necessary adjustments and prevent malfunctions and machine breakdowns, which would lead to long downtimes.

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