FLSmidth announces Online Course "Introduction to Conveyors"

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FLSmidth announces Online Course "Introduction to Conveyors"

The FLSmidth Institute has announced the launch of a new online course “Introduction to Conveyors”, a 2½ hour course on the operation of conveyor systems, including safety, equipment and inspection procedures.
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Basic knowledge of conveyors will help increase the participants’ awareness of safety, make them understand the importance of regular maintenance and thorough inspections and thereby reduce personal injuries, prolong the lifetime of the equipment and minimize unscheduled downtime.

The course is divided into seven modules. The modules include:

  1. Introduction, 
  2. Safety Around Conveyors, 
  3. Belting and Drives, 
  4. Pulleys Brakes and Hold-backs, 
  5. Chutes, Idlers and Take-up Systems, 
  6. Belt Tensioning Devices, Detectors, Magnets and Control Stations, and
  7. Re-start and Running Inspections.

The content of the course is equal to what FLSmidth Institute would normally be able to present in a 2-3 day class room course. This is not because the course is less comprehensive than our class room sessions, but because e-learning in general is more time effective.

The “Introduction to Conveyors” course is written by Mr John Archer. John is a certified trainer and has been working as a Training Manager in our facilities in Spokane since 2013. John has a long track record in technical training and writing technical publications, including Queensland Mining’s Generic Induction books for Surface Coal and Surface Metalliferous Mining Operations. In excess of 60,000 copies of Surface Coal have been printed and sold and these books have become standards in the mining industry in Australia.

To read more about the course and to see previews, go to

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