Going up - Convey vertical

Vertical Conveying

Going up - Convey vertical

Overcoming Limits in Vertical Conveying
Besides the traditional shaft conveying systems like skips and hoisting cages are well developed and proven. Nevertheless, there is another possibility by using continuous systems, one of which is presented in this article.
(ed. WoMaMarcel - 16/12/2014)
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Pocketlift is a systematic enhancement of the tried-and-tested Flexowell technology. Flexowell conveyor systems are designed for horizontal, high-incline and vertical transport of bulk materials of all kinds – from coarse coal and ore, rock, granular sand, fertilizer to grain varying from ultra-fine, floury matter to lumps up to 16 inches in size. The advantages for system operators are low space requirements and fewer material transfer points as well as in the lower energy requirement and environmentally friendly handling.

A Success Story is continued

Every Pocketlift is a custom design, specially tailored to the application in question. For WCC, Contitech – in collaboration with its long-standing U.S. partner FKC-Ltd. has created a solution with a lifting height of 276 meters (905 feet). This system transports up to 1815 metric tons per hour. With 782 pockets, the conveyor belt has a total weight of around 100 metric tons and is extremely lightweight compared with conventional shaft conveyor systems. “Thanks to the Pocket­lift technology, the head gear of the shaft could be reduced to a minimum,” explains Litz.

Even after more than a decade, WCC is still very pleased with its shaft conveyor technology. The company has already renewed the system after conveying 30.5 million metric tons with the first conveyor belt. Replacing a conveyor belt is a highly complex logistical task and it also entails downtime for the mine, so it is essential that it can be replaced as quickly as possible. Thanks to the easy handling of the Pocketlift-belt and excellent planning, the replacement of the belt in the White County Coal Mine took one week less than originally scheduled.

In the meantime, many other mine operators have become aware of the benefits of Pocketlift. In addition to projects already completed in underground gypsum mining in Russia, Contitech is also in discussions with other mine operators around the globe. “The greatest challenge at present is how to transport coal through a height difference of 1000 meters. For this, we are intending to place two Pocketlift systems on top of each other,” says Litz. “And, I’m sure that Pocketlift is up to this challenge”.

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