Ensuring Gypsum Quality

Moisture Measurement

Ensuring Gypsum Quality

Gypsum Moisture Measurement at E.ON’s MPP3 Power Plant
E.ON operate a modern coal- and bio-mass-fired power plant in the Maasvlakte port area in Rotterdam. The necessary desulphurisation is steadily controlled to produce a salable gypsum product. Its product quality is monitored via moisture measurement. Moisture measurement is also advisable to avoid caking in the whole process and to guarantee the best flow characteristics in all following transport systems.
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Individual Execution of the Sensor Installation

One very important thing of moisture measurement systems is the mounting condition of the sensor. A constant material height and density should be given. To guarantee such optimal process conditions a special scraper is installed in front of the sensor. Furthermore the sensor is mounted on a sledge. This also improves the surface of the material and reduces material caking in front of the sensor. Via hand wheel the material height and the sensor position is adjustable very fast and easily.

Earlier experiences of ACO have shown that just one sensor, on a 2.4 meter wide belt, is not sufficient for an accurate moisture measurement, therefore the moisture measurement consists of two sensors. On one hand the reproducibility is higher and on the other hand the function of the sealing lip can be monitored (safety function). If there is a damaged sealing lip, the vacuum and consequently the drying process will not work as good as before. On one sensor the moisture value will increase highly. In this case the sealing lip should be checked and replaced.

Installation of the measuring head:  1. ACO DMMS sensor flush, installed into sledge;   2. scraper.

The complete over belt construction is made of stainless steel. Every evaluation unit is separated in an own control cabinet. Ias well t is possible to integrate the evaluation unit in already existing control cabinets of the plant.

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