Controlling one’s Gold Assets

Weighing Technology

Controlling one’s Gold Assets

A Belt Scale System worth its Weight in Gold
Gold is one of the most important metals in the world – not only for jewelry or gold assets, but also for many industrial applications. For its production in Russia, a company looked for a robust and calibratable scale to control their gold (ore) flow.
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Technicians at the minerals processing plant installed the Milltronics MMI belt scale and Sitrans WS300 speed sensor easily and quickly.

Rings, watches, necklaces – walk down the street and you’ll see shiny gold jewelry of all shapes and sizes. Yet this expensive material starts out like any other mineral: in the ground, dirty, and waiting to be discovered.

The Mayskoe site, part of Polymetal International, is a precious minerals processing plant in northeastern Russia’s Chaun district. One of the top five deposits in Russia in terms of gold resources, the site consists of an on-site flotation concentrator and a high-grade refractory gold deposit. With the help of Siemens belt weighing technology, this company accurately and reliably measures its gold ore during transport to the site’s ball mill.

From the Ground to solid Gold

Primarily, the refractory ore is processed using conventional flotation on site. The concentrate is shipped to another plant for further processing using pressure oxidation and cyanidation technologies. The site is accessible all year round via 187 kilometers of unpaved road from the town of Pevek, a major seaport operating from July to early November.

The conveyor has a 1300 mmm (51 in) wide belt and runs at 0.64 m/s (2 ft/s). The gold is transported at a nominal flow rate of 110 t/h (121 st/h). The 143 m long conveyer is equipped with a gravimetric tensioner to ensure a constant belt tension along its entire length. Idlers are spaced on the conveyor every 1 m (3.2 ft).

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