New Compound for Abrasion Protecion

Abrasion Protecion

New Compound for Abrasion Protecion

Trelleborg’s engineered products operation has launched RedFine+, an innovative compounded, abrasion resistant sheet rubber for mining equipment preservation and wear protection.
(ed. wgeisler - 01/6/2017)
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Suitable for use in a range of mining applications including pipe and spools, cyclone launders, vibrating screen under pans, and hoppers, RedFine+ is said to deliver the best European produced quality abrasion resistant rubber that can help minimize downtime and help lower total costs. Colin Turnbull, General Manager of Mining within Trelleborg’s engineered products operation, says: “Across the mining industry, operational excellence and the ability to find new productivity gains and cost down initiatives are most important. Mine downtime as a result of unscheduled maintenance repairs due to material failure directly results in costly downtime and reduced output. At Trelleborg, we are constantly looking at ways we can improve abrasion resistance in our materials to ensure maximum throughput in processing plants is achieved."

The new RedFine+ sheet rubber shall feature superior mechanical properties resulting in unrivalled performance in slurry transfer. Made from a high performance rubber compound and manufactured with a bonding layer for optimum bonding strength, NR R397, RedFine+ is available in thicknesses from 3- to 25 millimeters.

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