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Optimised Grab Filling

Liebherr Maritime Cranes recently launched SmartGrip technology optimises grab filling rates in a self-learning manner. It is based on recent turnover analysis in various ports around the world that showed that, on average, only 70% of the grab capacity is used.
(ed. WoMaMarcel - 17/7/2014)
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Liebherr's new grab control "SmartGrip" provides for optimised filling levels of the grab.

There can be many reasons for this including suboptimal grabbing angle and varying material density. As a result, ports are faced with less turnover [t/h] than expected. By mining data from a comprehensive field study, the ideal grab filling model was deduced. The self-learning system automatically adjusts its behaviour by recognizing bulk density, compression and granularity as well as current frame conditions like depth of impression or type of grab. Load cycle by load cycle, SmartGrip optimises filling to maximum capability taking grab size and outreach into account. Right from the second load cycle, the technology ensures that the grab filling rate is above the average of 70%. The company says that the system controls the filling of the grab to suit the load curve of the crane, leading to optimal utilisation without overloading and extending the lifetime of the crane.

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