A Volumetric Screw Feeder/Seasoner for Consistent and Accurate Dosing


A Volumetric Screw Feeder/Seasoner for Consistent and Accurate Dosing

Hapman, an industry leader in conveyors and bulk material handling equipment for 70 years, engineers a food grade Volumetric Screw Feeder/Seasoner for applications that require a reliable, repeatable method for dosing seasoning drums and tumble coaters.

Hapman’s PosiPortion™ Volumetric Screw Feeder, engineered for an accurate +/- 1% metered dose based on volume and time, is specifically designed for seasoning drums or tumble coaters for snack food and candy manufacturers. Precision dosing is measured by keeping the screw full and measuring the volume of material in the feeder coupled with turn speed, pitch of flights and turning time.

The Hapman PosiPortion Feeder/Seasoner, is available in several flow ranges. Model 321-SV is equipped with a 304 stainless steel distribution nozzle that has a 42” projection with a herringbone slot pattern. Drop Zone extends 24” from end of nozzle. The dosing screw is fabricated from 304 stainless with a nominal outside diameter of 4” standard pitch and a root diameter of 1”. This screw has an estimated range of 14-230 ft3/hr, approximately 172 ft3/hr @ 60 Hz based on free flowing powders. Model 241-SV is engineered for smaller batch operations designed with a nozzle OD of 1-1/2” with standard pitch and a root diameter of 3/8”. The capacity range of the 241-SV is approximately .88-14.2 ft3/hr or 10.6 ft3/hr @60 Hz based on free flowing powders.

The long throat design maximizes natural in-flow allowing for easy handling of difficult ingredients and compounds. Proper ingredient flow is maintained with the steep side walls on the flexible hopper and large corner radii. Featuring a FDA hopper design and food grade finishes on all contact surface including the hopper interior, screw and nozzle. Rotated 45 degrees, the feeder also reduces the number of surfaces that would be prone to holding water. Quick coupled components allow for easy disassembly and cleaning of components. Spare hoppers, screws, and nozzles are available for quick material change over with minimal downtime.

The Volumetric Feeder/Seasoner by Hapman is available with optional controls package. Controls are specified per application allowing for high/low hopper sensors, timer for batching by volume, and operator adjustable speed control. Other components, capacity ranges and design options available upon request.