Immediate and gentle Response to Belt Misalignment

Conveyor Belt Tracking

Immediate and gentle Response to Belt Misalignment

Requiring no more maintenance than standard idler frames, the Troughing SureGuide (TSG) is a mechanical frame which immediately responds to belt misalignment. Designed to accommodate belt widths ranging from 600 to 2100 mm, the TSG also fits to existing structures which assists in decreasing the cost burden.
(ed. WoMaMarcel - 28/7/2015)
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The Troughing SureGuide is a fully mechanical frame which responds to the smallest belt misalignment, gently guiding the belt back to the centre of the frame.

As the belt drifts off centre it comes into contact with one of the side sensor arms. As the belt forces the arm outward the frame is misaligned by means of a direct mechanical linkage between sensor arm and frame.  As one arm moves outward the other will move inward, but the “inward arm” will never touch the belt. The misaligned frame is pivoted on a central pin with a bearing ball used to allow easy movement and to handle the load.

The amount of frame misalignment required to move a belt is rarely more than 4 degrees. Therefore the pressure on the belt edge to bring the frame to this angle is negligible. The frame will only steer the belt as far as it is out of centre.

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