Schade delivers Circular Spreader to Ciplan Cimento Plant in Brazil

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Schade delivers Circular Spreader to Ciplan Cimento Plant in Brazil

Five years after the delivery of a first bridge scraper for the cement plant at Sobradinho, Schade was able to carry out another contract by the Brazilian cement producer Ciplan Cimento Planalto S/A: Schade delivers a circular column equipped spreader with a flow rate of 1800 t/h (max 2000 t/h) and a 23 m beam as well as a belt width of 1400 mm.
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Besides, the scope of delivery includes a Schade bridge scraper equipped with a harrow covering the entire area of the stockpile’s profile. The bridge scraper can be operated with a flow rate of 700 t/h.

The structural steelwork was sourced by Aumund Brazil based in Sao Paulo through Aumund Asia in Hong Kong and delivered to Brazil. With its in-house quality control Aumund Hong Kong guarantees the meticulous selection of the parts. The supervision of construction is provided by Aumund Brazil in close cooperation with Schde alignment supervisors.

During planning of the project, Schade built a circular stockyard with two belt conveyor bridges. The second belt bridge transports the material directly to the mill’s pre-hopper on demand. The raw mill was not equipped with a larger storage hopper. Instead a passage straightener permits the passage directly to the mill. The control mechanism of the reloader was constructed such, that the central outlet hopper will always contain raw material. Below the central outlet hopper a controlled feed belt weigher has been installed, transporting the demanded material flow directly to the raw mill.

Initial operation at Ciplan Cimento Planalto at Sobradinho is planned for this year. The plant produces about 1,6 million t of cement per year.

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