Conveying & Transportation

According to 4B Braime, the 4th generation of their Watchdog control unit for monitoring bucket elevators and conveyors is easy to install and simple to set-up.
Control & Automation
4B Braime Components Ltd. has released the all new fourth generation Watchdog control unit for monitoring bucket elevators and conveyors. According to its manufacturer, the Watchdog Super Elite (WDC4) is easy to install and... more

Storage & Handling

Fig. 1: Increasing the capacity of systems equipped with roller conveyors to the next level generally entails adding an automated pallet dispenser.
Six important Parameters to consider when looking for a Bulk Bag Filler
As the number of options for bulk bag filling equipment options increases, so should the ability of the specifier to evaluate stand-alone equipment and integrated systems against current and anticipated needs.


The complete mixing plant assembled at the factory of Dinnissen in Sevenum, The Netherlands.
Mixing Plant Project
Dinnissen has recently built a complete mixing plant for a German client, which includes six bulk bag unloading stations for the raw materials. The installation was intended for their new plant in Asia and the client wanted... more

Measurement & Automation

The un-manned stacker and reclaimer machines at Tarmac’s Dunbar cement works are located in a fairly remote area of the site.
Automation & Control
Elite Control Systems has installed a wireless monitoring system on large unmanned stacker and reclaimer machines located in a remote part of Tarmac’s Dunbar site in Scotland. By further integrating this system into Tarmac’s... more

Safety & Environment

An explosion in a wood processing plant may endanger human lifes and the environment as well as the survival of the plant.
Innovative Explosion Protection for Wood-processing Plants
Since the re-discovery of regenerative energy sources wood processing has seen a considerable growth due to the demand of easy to handle fuel. In view of the ignitability and explosibility of the developing wood dust provisions... more


FLSmidth believe that the target for the industry is to completely eliminate tailings dams, and to recirculate maximum water back to the process.
Tailings Management
Together with the world’s third largest gold miner, Goldcorp, FLSmidth is co-developing EcoTails, a system for co-mingling dewatered tailings with waste rock in a continuous process. The system is expected dramatically improve... more

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