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New Products

Prevent Wear and Material Loss in Conveyor Systems

The PT Pro Belt Trainer belt centring system detects belt misalignment and, when the belt wanders, always guides it back into the correct position. This is achieved by means of the pivot and tilt movement.
Conveyor Belt Training
An important step in preventing material loss from conveyor systems is to correct the guidance of the conveyor belt. Flexco provides various belt centring systems for this purpose – for example the PT Pro Belt Trainer. This detects when the belt is not running true and corrects it. This is achieved by a special feature – when the belt wanders, the pivot and tilt movement always guides it back into the correct position. With this centring system, users therefore not only have significantly less material loss, they also reduce their maintenance costs.

Bag Dump Station with Tubular Cable Conveyor

Flexicon Manual Dumping Station with integral Flexi-Disc Tubular Cable Conveyor contains dust and conveys friable bulk foods and non-foods gently over short or long distances.
Manual Bag Dumping
A new manual dumping station with integral Flexi-Disc tubular cable conveyor from Flexicon collects dust created during manual dumping from bags, boxes, pails and other containers, and gently conveys the material at any angle over short or long distances. The unit features a high velocity vacuum fan that draws airborne dust from the operator's atmosphere onto cartridge filters.


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