New Products

New Products

Grabbing for Wheat

Sennebogens 840 M Special unloading wheat at Hamm Harbour (Germany)
Ship Unloading
At Hamm harbor a Sennebogen 840 M Special is at work in a demanding materials handling application. Hourly the machine unloads up to 400 t of wheat from arriving ships for Jäckering Mühlen- und Nährmittelwerke.

Optimised Grab Filling

Liebherr's new grab control "SmartGrip" provides for optimised filling levels of the grab.
Ship Unloading
Liebherr Maritime Cranes recently launched SmartGrip technology optimises grab filling rates in a self-learning manner. It is based on recent turnover analysis in various ports around the world that showed that, on average, only 70% of the grab capacity is used.


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