New Products

New Products

Ultra-fast Detection Sensors

Cerex detector also recognises static pressures and therefore also reacts to explosions which progress very slowly.
Explosion Detection
The Fike Epaco system is a modular bus system based on a digital network technology. One main component of the Epaco system is the Cerex detector which recognises an increase in pressure long before explosion pressure is reached. The detector differentiates between increases in pressure which indicate explosions and normal process overpressures.

Filters for all Applications

Infastaub manufactures pocket filters, cartridge filters, bag filters, lamella filters and cassette filters with pneumatic and mechanical cleaning.
Dust Removal
Infastaub manufactures and sells dust removal devices for industrial applications and dust extraction from machines and workplaces. The company was founded in 1967. Headquarter of the company is Bad Homburg v.d. H. in Germany. Distribution locations are in Europe, Brazil, Russia, South Korea, the Ukraine and the USA.

Minimizing Haul Road Dusts

RST’s new Avenger range features ultra-concentrated, eco-friendly and fast-acting dust control solutions capable of treating challenging material types found in all forms of mining operations.
Dust Suppression
A leader in dust control systems for ‘pit to port’ operations, RST has been treating haul road and mine site dust emissions on a global scale for close to three decades, continually developing the latest technology and products for use by major mining companies. Avenger high performance haul road dust suppressant has been developed as an additive for water carts to greatly improve dust control.

Compact Conveyor Gears

 Brevini's Posired Advanced series of three-stage bevel-helical gearboxes has been designed for the rigorous requirements of bulk handling applications
Brevini Power Transmission announced the availability of their new Posired Advanced series of three-stage bevel-helical gearboxes. The range has been designed for the rigorous requirements of bulk handling applications, specifically in the mining and quarrying industries.

Passive Monitor Technology

So­nartrac systems demonstrate a very stable output in the presence of a variety of ores, and demonstrate superior levels of performance.
Flow Monitoring
Cidra‘s sonar flow meter is the newest class of flow meter that has become the industry standard for slurry measurement. Sonartrac non-intrusive flow monitoring systems do not make contact with the slurry and can be removed and reinstalled without process interruption.

Continuous Level Control

Various probes allow the EB5 Series level transmitter to be used in a wide variety of level measuring applications in many industries.
Level Measurement
The EB5 Series RF admittance level transmitter from Finetek is used to measure the continuously changing level of granular, freely flowing powders. The level sensor includes a 4-20mA two-wire design and uses RF admittance technology to continuously measure the changing impedance between the sensor probe and the vessel metal wall.

Fine-tuned Crusher Elements

Sandvik Construction now offer an advantage in operational support for their CH430, CH440 and CH660 cone crusher models.
Cone Crusher Design
Sandvik Construction announced the launch of Optiagg, according to the manufacturer a new way to secure more profitable cone crusher output with minimal investment. The Optiagg package includes computer modelling and analysis, in addition to a redesigned mantle, a concave ring and all other required spare parts.


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