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New Products

Bulk Bag Conditioning System helps prevent Breakage and Harm

Material Transfer & Storage Inc.'s bulk bag conditioning system returns agglomerated materials to a free-flowing state.
Bulk Bag Handling
Conditioning and emptying bulk bags with agglomerated material can be dangerous if the proper equipment is not utilized. The bulk bag conditioning system by Material Transfer & Storage, Inc. addresses concerns related to the commonly practiced "forklift conditioning method" such as bag breakage, plant structural damage, forklift damage, or injury to plant personnel.

Belt Positioning Systems make it possible to avoid Wear and Material Losses

Fig. 1: The PT Max series uses sensor rollers to detect whether the belt is starting to migrate. The belt is then guided back into its correct position. Depending on the application, the operator can install these systems either above ...
Belt Tracking
An important step in preventing material losses on conveyor belts is correcting the guidance of the conveyor belt. To achieve this, Flexco Europe GmbH offers a range of different belt positioning systems. Through the use of sensors, these detect misalignment of the belt and correct its directional precision. This also reduces or prevents damage to the edges of the conveyor belts. With these positioning systems, operators not only achieve substantial reductions in terms of material losses, they also reduce their maintenance costs.

Compact Aumund Conveyors for Sintering Plant in The Netherlands

 Transport of the Aumund pan conveyor will be in a fully assembled state by truck to reduce the usual time for mounting and alignment of the various assemblies.
Hot Sinter Conveying
The Metallurgy Division of Aumund Fördertechnik has won a follow-up order to equip a third sintering line at a Dutch steel mill with an Aumund special conveyor for the conveying of hot sinter material. For this line a pan conveyor type (pan width = 2400 mm) with a length of 13.5 m will be installed. The conveying capacity has been designed for 250 t/h of hot sinter at a material temperature of 500 to 1000°C.

3D Solids Scanners for accurate continuous Level and Volume Measurement

Emerson’s Rosemount 3D Solids Scanners provide level, volume and mass measurement of bulk solids and powders.
Level Measurement
Emerson Process Management developed the Rosemount 5708 Series of 3D Solids Scanners for the continuous measurement of level, volume and mass of bulk solids and powders in large vessels, bins and silos. The new series uses acoustic measurement and 3D mapping technologies to provide accurate and reliable results even when measuring uneven or sloping surfaces under dusty conditions.

A mobile Solution for fast, frequent Stockpile Volume Reporting

With I-Site Drive operations can now use the one laser scanner for tripod, vehicle-mounted stop-go, rail or hatch-mounted survey, and continuous survey.
Stockpile Measurement
Maptek has released I-Site Drive to provide mines, quarries and industrial operations with a faster, more accurate system for frequent stockpile volume reporting. I-Site Drive links the laser scanner directly with GPS to generate the stockpile profile as it is circumnavigated. The volume is accurately calculated without estimating or inferring from unknown points.

Particulate Emissions and Explosion-Protection solved economically

With the compact PowerCore dust collectors it has succeeded to decrease the particulate emissions and at the same time to reduce the crude gas volume decisive for the explosion protection of the unit.
Dust Collectors
The growing proportion of lightweight materials in the manufacturing processes results in higher particulate fractions that must be filtered by extraction and dust removal systems to improve workers' health and safety in the workplace. This places high demands on the engineering and materials use of the dust removal systems and affects particularly the explosion protection in processing of light metals and fibre composites.

Free Coupling Guide for Mining Engineers

The new guide, titled 'Coupling Solutions: Rubber-in-compression', addresses issues such as; backlash, extreme vibration, safety, reliability, how to cut maintenance and how to reduce lifetime operating costs in mines and quarries.
Drive Systems & Components
Renold Hi-Tec Couplings of Halifax, UK, has published a free pdf guide on the use of rubber-in-compression couplings on a wide range of mining and quarrying applications. The guide is the first in a newly launched series of Info.Base publications designed to assist engineers with many of the day-to-day issues associated with power transmission systems on industrial plant, equipment and machinery.


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